Out of square and out of plumb!

Well fact is no house is perfect, but some are better than others.
The most out of level that I have ever seen was in the historic district in Carrollton Ga.
We had a floor that was so bad out of level that the GC had to build a 2-1/2″ tall platform to sit the stove on to bring it up to the counters.
Any way this photo is a white pantry where the home owner knew the house was very bad in that respect.
You can see to the left where the laundry door looks crooked next to the cabinet. But oddly enough the walls where the cabinet go are very plumb and trim covers the rest.

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Sometimes it’s not a cabinet at all

Well sometimes you get that really different project.
Something that is just simply not what you think you were supposed to do.
I have a neighbor who stopped by and wanted me to cut a special sign. This sign was shaped like a “key” with some names on it. Hand drawn on a sheet of paper with three names one of which had a twist in that one letter was off kilter and attached to another letter ( an inside family joke I was told”. So as I do I said well I can make that look really cool. So we did that sign, later on the word was passed to a POA manager and I made street signs for a subdivision. Just in case you can’t tell “Windy Mill” is the name of it.

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Creative ideas

I am forever looking for ways to make things better, easier and well sometimes faster.
Many times a mistake leads the way to a better way either you see something new or in trying to fix your goof you stumble onto a new way.
When this happens I try to incorporate this new idea.
This photo shows my method of supporting the valance.
The reason this is such a big deal is that what I have seen other shops do is nail through the face screw from the rear at an angle. One slip up makes for a bad day.
My method my cost a bit more but it is much cleaner and removes those risks.
This home owner pointed out that he like it because he could easily move it out of the way to attach his new light fixture. Win Win I think!

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Big Gap

Well I could not think of a better title for this post.

Truth is since 2008 I have been depressed due to lack of work and I have worked as a subcontractor for a few other companies.

Some days I just want to throw in the towel, the stress level seems to just make it not worth it at all. But I get up each day pray for a better day.

I started this blog to try and get the word out about what it is I do for a living and I dropped the ball right out of the gate. In a way it may be the best that I did not post during this “big gap”.

I have done a few things of interest, I cut some parts for a new friend who at the time was starting up building play houses and he found me through a site called “100k garages”. One of these projects was for a popular Home maker over show on national TV. I am glad I did not make a big deal of it though. I told a few folks and when that series aired it was the season opener I believe filmed here in Ga. The play house was only shown for a split second at the end of the show and if you were not looking you would have missed it for sure. But none the less I did in fact cut those plywood parts for him on my ShopBot. I had a part in building some movie set stuff. I am still waiting to see how that came out. I have done some work for a few other folks but as for enough to make a living it simply has not been there for me.

Currently I am working part time down town Atlanta for a concrete counter top company as a PM. This a new area for me to use my CAD skills and learn a new aspect of the trade as well. In fact my diverse back ground is what got me the job.

I will try to get back at this blog and post some pictures along the way.

Again I pray tomorrow is a better day for us all to prosper and and provide well for our families.


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Add ons

this home owner asked me to build a china cabinet and display for her cookware to match the kitchen, I built the kitchen new as well for a builder friend.

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Anatomy of a cabinet maker

 If you ever visit a museum, well a cabinet maker was the person that built the case or stand no matter how simple or elaborate the unit. The news desk on TV, the props used in movie making, you name it a cabinet maker and some times a carpenter built it. The general public goes in looks at the artifacts, the cabinet maker is checking out the cases and wondering what tips he can gain from his visit a field trip for them with a twist. Myself, I look at the cabinets while watching TV or movies to see what details I can use and my wife finds herself doing the same things when we visit friends. Cabinets hold and sometimes simply hide our stuff from view. Some cabinets are more creative in the way they make our items more accessible. Many times we want to display our stuff and again cabinets are called to the rescue. We even blend the two say cabinets with some wood doors and glass panels mixed in. Some would have you think that a cabinet is a cabinet. I know shop owners that think that way to them it is simply a box and they could care less about it. Their attitude is to simply get the thing built. I also know that most home builders are the same way maybe even worse because all they want is our money. I think of it this way I am trying to make a “living” not a “killing”.

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some cabinets & furniture

White with Undertone stain

Maple Kitchen distressed Island
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